Vitality Farms

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Vitality Farms LLC farmed in the south Corvallis area of Oregon’s Willamette Valley and managed livestock in the central valley of California from 2012 through 2015. In Oregon, Vitality Farms was linked into the regional food system in a number of ways. Our branded eggs were popular in retail stores from Eugene to Vancouver, WA. Cattail Creek Lamb sourced from our flock of sheep. Grains were sold to local millers. Organic vegetables were contracted to Stahlbush Island Farms. We pastured the livestock of many owners, such as heifers for organic dairies or organic beef steers. Over 1000 acres of land was certified organic under Vitality Farms’ guidance in Oregon and a few hundred more in California. Many community and educational groups interacted with our land and staff to learn about regenerative farming practices and to carry-out class work and conservation projects.

Green Spring Farms (GSF) was founded in June 2015 as an outcome of Farmland LP’s purchase of Olsen Agricultural Enterprises. The farmland stewarded by GSF is north of Corvallis between Buena Vista and Airlie and North Albany and Monmouth. The mission of GSF is the same as that of Vitality Farms but has significantly greater land, equipment and staff resources. Given the proximity of the two companies and GSF’s broader capabilities, Vitality has engaged GSF to manage its lamb enterprise, and going forward GSF will oversee cropping and custom livestock management at Farmland LP’s south Corvallis-area farms and in California.

If you were a customer or partner of Vitality Farms in all likelihood you will be served instead by GSF.  GSF looks forward to continuing Vitality Farms’ legacy in the Corvallis-area community. You may contact Green Spring Farms at (503) 838-7333.

The organic, pastured egg business of Vitality Farms ceased operations in January, 2016.